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Angelina Jolie: UNHCR Unique Emissary and Supporter Against Sexual Violence



Angelina Jolie is a noticeable figure as the UNHCR Unique Emissary and fellow benefactor of drives pointed toward fighting sexual violence. Find out about her broad work, field missions, and joint efforts in this far reaching article.

Angelina Jolie: UNHCR Unique Emissary and Supporter Against Sexual Violence:

Angelina Jolie is a famous entertainer, compassionate, and extremist who has made huge commitments as the UNHCR (Joined Countries High Official for Displaced people) Exceptional Emissary. Close by her job in media outlets, she has committed herself to resolving basic issues like relocation and sexual violence. This article digs into her association with the UNHCR, her endeavors to battle sexual violence, and her effect on worldwide drives.

Association with UNHCR and Field Missions Angelina Jolie:

Angelina-Jolie started her work with the UNHCR as a Generosity Representative in 2001 and was subsequently designated as the Unique Emissary in 2012. Her center lies in causing to notice significant emergencies, prompting huge scope populace uprooting, and upholding for strategic portrayal by the UNHCR. As an Exceptional Emissary, she has embraced in excess of 50 field missions, including visits to Syria since the beginning of the contention, as well as excursions to Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq.

Helping to establish the Forestalling Sexual Violence Drive (PSVI) Angelina-Jolie:

Angelina-Jolie is moreover an individual supporter of the Hindering Sexual Severity Drive (PSVI), which she shipped off in May 2012 with the then English New Secretary, The Rt Hon William Hague MP.. This mission means to destroy the utilization of sexual violence as a weapon of war, address the way of life of exemption encompassing such violations in struggle regions, battle disparagement, and increment responsibility for culprits. Angelina’s motivation for the drive originated from her first time at the helm film, “In the Place that is known for Blood and Honey,” which shed light on the utilization of sexual violence as a device during the contentions in previous Yugoslavia.

Joint efforts and Support Endeavors Angelina Jolie:

As a feature of her joint endeavors in the PSVI, Angelina Jolie, alongside William Hague, has gone to the Majority rule Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, South Africa, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, drawing in with survivors, nearby NGOs, and host states. She additionally facilitated the Worldwide Culmination to End Sexual Violence in Struggle in London in 2014. Besides, Angelina Jolie has tended to the Assembled Countries Ecclesiastical Gatherings on Peacekeeping in London in 2016 and Vancouver in 2017. In June 2017, she visited the Global Peacekeeping Instructional hub in Kenya, where 7,000 peacekeepers get preparing every year to forestall sexual violence in struggle zones.

Acknowledgment and Grants Angelina Jolie:

Angelina-Jolie’s amazing commitments have acquired her various awards, including being delegated as a Privileged Lady Leader in the Request for St Michael and St George by the English Unfamiliar and District Office in June 2014. She has additionally been perceived with an Institute Award® and has gotten three Brilliant Globe Grants. Her most recent executive task, “First They Killed My Dad,” tells the narrative of the Cambodian slaughter through the eyes of a youngster.


Angelina Jolie’s job as the UNHCR Extraordinary Emissary and her devotion to pushing against sexual violence significantly affect the worldwide stage. Through her field missions, helping to establish the PSVI, and joint efforts with legislatures and associations, she keeps on bringing issues to light about basic compassionate issues and drive positive change. Angelina Jolie’s obligation to these makes fills in as a motivation people around the world, encouraging them to join the battle against uprooting and sexual violence.

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